Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yom Ha'Atzmaut - Independence Day

The Children of Israel are awaking from their slumber and the stage is being set across the world. The world economy is going down the drain, the enemies and haters of Israel spew their rhetoric with more confidence and more venom. Meanwhile the people of Israel cry as they see their children murdered in brutal and heartless terror attacks year after year.

The world is turning against the Jewish people. What was seen as Israel’s last friend in the world is turning its back in a time of need. The United States of America has elected a man committed to furthering a terrible and wicked cause—the attempt to tear apart Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Jewish people.

Meanwhile the enemies of Israel feel strengthened. Hamas continues to solidify their hold on Gaza. The previous war has done nothing to end terror attacks from the Gaza Strip and has merely radicalized the opposition to Israel and Jews worldwide. Hezbollah continues to strengthen and solidify their position in Lebanon. The Syrians, in their insolence, continue to demand that we leave the Golan Heights, as the blood of the Jews who died defending it is still wet. The Egyptians play the ruse of the neutral, moderate, peaceful Arab state. They are merely biding their time until the day they believe that they can beat Israel militarily. Meanwhile, the puppet master of Islamic fundamentalist terror, Iran, pushes forward with their plans to develop nuclear weapons and achieve their dreams of apocalypse and destruction.

One might think that we should feel scared. What can we do when faced with such potential destruction? We are but a few million Jews standing up to nations with tens and hundreds of millions of fanatic enemies. Well let us not forget that not so long ago we were only a few thousand Jews standing up against seven modern Arab armies. Today, we have a modern state, with a strong economy and an army that is so strong that we do not even realize its strength. Some may despair when plagued with the thought that we do not have the United States of America on our side as we once did, but we have another friend that is stronger than any man, nation or army. We have G-d who has promised to redeem us and bring us the redemption. The same G-d who has preserved us through the 2000 year exile that would have destroyed us without His help. We have to remember who is watching over us and strive to be worthy of His help. When we work together and keep His commandments, then there is nothing to fear.

I recently watched one of the Matrix movies. One of the protagonists, Morpheus, gives a speech to try and inspire the citizens of Zion who are scared because they are soon to come under an attack that seems sure to destroy them. I think that we could listen to this same clip and really take the same message from it.

What we really need is a leader who can talk like this. We need a leader who believes in G-d, but who will not alienate non-religious Jews. Who can work to unite, rather than to divide. In an age of polarization and radicalism, we need to remember that we are all Jews. We need to remember that there are enough anti-Semites and haters of Israel who will work to criticize us and to tell us how we are wrong. There is no shortage of people who are criticizing Israel and being negative about our future. Even though I can recognize its failings, I for one, will try to point out the good and be positive about our future. Happy 61st birthday, Israel!

-Daniel ben Yonatan HaLevi

Monday, April 20, 2009

First post

This is just my first post saying hello to everyone who is reading.

In this blog I'll mostly be making political commentary, explaining my ideology and discussion religious issues.

I can't promise to update often but I hope that every post I make will be worth your time.

Today, my first day creating the blog is Yom HaShoah.

It's ironic, creating a blog called "Rebirth of Zion" on the eve of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust. G-d willing, this blog will be a merit to their memory, the holy martyrs, victims of persecution and hate. With G-d's help, we will truly merit to see the full rebirth of Zion with the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days, Amen.

-Daniel ben Yonatan HaLevi